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BLOG: Petite World Problems - The Perfectly Cut Jeans

With colder weather officially upon us, it’s time to commit to your favourite pair of denims, or find your signature jean. At the risk of placing too much emphasis on this life choice, the right jeans are crucial to the success of your winter look and more importantly to your confidence! Unfortunately, until I created the Petites label, the search for perfect jeans was an arduous task that made shopping trips depressing.

If you’re a member of the Petites Posse (no, not skinny, but sized four to 16 and under 5’3” or 160cm tall) you’ll know that before Target invested in producing my label especially for petite customers, that buying jeans was a two-step process.

Step 1: Was finding your favourite jeans that hugged you in all the right places and provided shape as well as comfort so they could become a wardrobe staple…

Before I talk about the second step, I need to talk a little more about what the challenges of Step 1 used to involve. If you’re petite, you’ll know that picking your favourite jeans wasn’t always easy. They were ALWAYS too long, which meant you had to imagine what the shape/fit would look like once you’d had them altered. So the trying-on process generally involved folding the legs of the jeans up on the inside, or wearing sky high heels in the changing room, so you could picture yourself wearing the jeans, rather than the jeans wearing you!

If your imagination provided adequate direction, and you navigated those high heels safely, and you could imagine the jeans looking good after the alteration process, then you bought them!

Then it was on to…

Step 2: Was finding a good seamstress.

Sounds simple enough, right? But if you’re like me, we need to talk about another couple of challenges you may have encountered before this second step – the ‘putting the jeans in your wardrobe and forgetting about them’ phase. Or, worse still, the ‘staring at the jeans in your wardrobe but never having the time to get them altered’ phase. There was an even more unthinkable phase that you may have been guilty of: the ‘being desperate, feeling like you have no jeans to wear, and wearing them with the fabric rolled up at the bottom of the leg’ phase (which makes everyone look shorter).

So much for buying jeans being a ‘two-step process’!

Now we’ve processed those less than joyful wardrobe experiences, I can tell you that being friends with your seamstress used to be my No.1 fashion tip, and was key to successfully navigating the jeans purchasing process.

Thankfully my Petites ‘Shaper’ jeans allows petites like me to put all that jean shopping angst behind us, quite literally! Yes, the perfect pair of jeans (which you won’t need to alter!) is waiting for you at Target.

High rise and skinny fit from hip to hem, my Petites Shaper Jeans have a curved back yolk and shaped back pockets, that compliment the petite female figure, lifting and shaping it in all the right places.

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