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BLOG: Petite World Problems - The Blazer

A blazer is a key component of any wardrobe. Not only are blazers a great work wear staple, but you can dress them up for an evening out by adding accessories or dress them down with jeans and a white tee for the weekend.

Blazers are part of my life uniform! I love layering jeans, boots and a t-shirt with a cute blazer for travelling to photo shoots and television sets or pottering around Melbourne’s laneway boutiques and cafes. That’s why I wanted to design a classic blazer for my new Petites collection with Target. I’ve got to admit that as staples go, it’s one of my all-time favourites for Target!

Remember the days when, as petite woman (no, not skinny, but sized 4P to 16P and under 5’3” or 160cm tall), shopping for a blazer that fitted properly was impossible? If you read my last blog about the eternal hunt for jeans in the days before Petites clothing at Target, then you’ll know my seamstress used to be on speed dial!

But getting a seamstress to downsize a blazer to a petite fit was rarely successful. It’s just too complex a job to get right. Essentially, you just need a blazer to fit like it’s been made for you. If it doesn’t, you end up looking like a teenager wearing your mum’s clothes!

As with all of my pieces for Target, the Petites Velour Blazer is tailored to fit you perfectly across the width of your shoulders and around the armhole. The cuff should end half an inch from your hand, and it should button comfortably around the largest part of your torso without bundles of excess fabric.

Sleek, chic and velvety, my Petites Collection Blazer is going to be a go-to for me now the cold weather has arrived, and with its perfectly petite cut, you can wear it straight off the rack without any alterations.

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