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Part 1: The big wardrobe Spring clean - preparing to cull

Spring has sprung (unless you follow the astronomical calendar, in which case Spring Equinox is September 23 and Spring is about to spring), so one way or another, it’s Spring cleaning season.

I’ve been working with stylist Rachel Dennis on some big advertising projects, and more recently on a wardrobe cull! And, while huge advertising projects get me very excited, the words ‘wardrobe cull’ fill me with terror!

I know I can’t do it on my own, and I know I won’t do it on my own. Can’t cull, won’t cull, if you like!

Even after I decided to invite Rachel to give me her professional advice on the culling process I had sleepless nights over our up-coming wardrobe decluttering session. Not because Rachel is scary at all, but because showing anyone your wardrobe is an intensely personal experience.

Clearing your wardrobe out, and seeing bad purchases and favourite items being culled, hurts like ripping off a band aid! You’ll uncover purchases you just 'had to buy' at the time but you never wore, items that you know you need to throw out but they are like security blankets, and lots of pieces that suit you but you have no idea how to wear them or turn them into an outfit.

We did complete a wardrobe cull, and I can tell you I am so very happy with the results. My wardrobe is clearer, I’m wearing clothes I’d forgotten I’d bought, and I now have outfits photographed so I can pack for a holiday or work trip in the blink of an eye. My confidence has grown and I am more adventurous than ever before - and friends and colleagues have noticed.

I was so inspired by the process I asked Rachel to help me put together some tips for doing your own wardrobe cull. In part 2 I’ll talk you through Rachel’s culling process.

In the meantime, we'd love you to give us a shout-out on social media if you have a sure fire wardrobe culling tip to share. @DanniiMinogue @racheldennisstylist

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